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We at Perfect have strived to make a difference to the lives of millions of our kid consumers, through products offering great taste, excellent quality and promotions that bring a smile to their lips. As a part of this enduring commitment, we bring to you this invaluable compendium on the top residential schools in Karnataka.

We are confident that both the parent and child will equally benefit from this guide and use it as a friend in making the decision to enter a renowned portal of learning.

It is our endeavour to impart high moral standards with personal qualities fo good character and behaviour.

Good personal relationship, a sense of responsibilities, team work and loyalty.


Social awareness, courtesy, consideration for others and sensitivity of surrounding.

Qualities of inventiveness, curiosity, imagination and ability to look after oneself.

Understanding to contribute to community towards tygiene, moral health and co-operation.

A pursuit of excellence and value with confidence and challenge to excel.

To develop the child to its fullest capacity.

To create a happy, safe and purposeful schooling.

To help children to develop positive attitudes to learning, inquiry and a respect for honest means.

To help children to communicate affectively, to develop a deeper understanding of subjets and appreciation of language.

To enjoy reading, to develop mathematical skills acquire knowledge for constructive use.

Encourage scientific and technological curiosity, careful observation and to be sensible.

To develop a deeper understanding and perception of our environment and heritage.


To enjoy the skills in physical education and healthy life.

To develop skills in writing, art, craft, oratory and scientific thinking.

The development of potential and a sense of personal worth of each child.

To establish a school community where teachers, pupils and parents work together towards achieving the above aims.

It is our hope that our pupils will develop as responsible , caring human being, able to impart purpose and direction to their lives.